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Integrity Impact Management Group (IIMG), the immigration affiliate of CFT, employs and contracts a host of superior political, economic, cultural, legal and investment risk control experts, as well as registered accountants and tax specialists, to assist clients in obtaining Canadian residency while realizing maximum returns on investments – a unique and powerful blend of services not offered by other immigration consulting companies.


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If you choose to immigrate to British Columbia as a provincial nominee, the requirements you must meet and the application forms you use vary according to which component of the BC PNP you are applying under: Strategic Occupations or Business Immigrants.

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Close to 100,000 students come to study in Canada every year. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms. Your knowledge and skills are welcome in our schools. Find programs of study and admission information at Canadian CEGEPs, colleges and universities.

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Every year, more than 180,000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily in jobs that help Canadian employers address skill shortages. A work permit is needed for most temporary jobs in Canada. Get a work permit
Find out if you need a work permit to work in Canada as a foreign worker.

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